100% Pure, Natural and Delicious Tea

Relax it's Kings Tea

For the ultimate in refreshment and relaxation, the discerning tea drinker chooses Kings Tea.

Sourced from the finest and freshest black tea leaves, Kings Label Tea is carefully blended in the UK to produce a delicious cuppa, every time while our new Kings Premium Tea is blended for those who prefer a stronger taste. And, for those who prefer a richer taste, Kings Gold Tea offers a smooh, rich and rounded flavour.

Kings Tea is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day, all day, everyday.
All you need is Kings Tea.

80's Box Gold Label Tea

40's Box Gold Label Tea

2.8kg Label Tea Catering Pack

1kg Loose Label Tea

80's Box Label Tea

40's Kings Tea, Classic Blend

40's Box Label Tea

80's Box Premium Tea

40's Box Premium Tea